The Only Townhouse Rental on the Hudson!

The Hudson River is legendary.  It was the first major river in North America to be explored by Europeans (in fact, it was named after Henry Hudson, the Briton who explored it), and of course its fame grew along with New York City and the Hudson Valley.  It’s also a spectacularly beautiful river, especially when viewed from its eastern shore across to the Palisades. 

No wonder then that living along those very shores and enjoying those views makes homes along the Hudson extremely desirable.  The problem for renters in Westchester is that there are very few rentals along the river in general, and no townhouse rentals with direct Hudson views.  That is, with one exception – Ichabod’s Landing.  Currently, there is one Westchester townhouse rental situated right on the Hudson, and it is available for $5600 per month. 

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Ichabod’s Landing Townhouse Available For Sale or Rent

We finally have an Ichabod’s Landing townhouse available for sale or rent. It is the original furnished model, and it features absolutely spectacular views of the Hudson River. In fact, it is situated right on the river. Imagine watching the sunset over the Palisades while you are relaxing on your roof deck – it’s simply incomparable! It is priced at $1,149,000 and is also available for rent for $5995 per month. If you are interested in living in an Ichabod’s Landing townhouse, contact Douglas Smolev at (914) 772-7672 or email him at


Our neighbor, Hudson Harbor

Just across the inlet from Ichabod’s Landing is Hudson Harbor in Tarrytown, a new development that is also along the Hudson River.  Hudson Harbor features both new townhouses and new condominium flats.  The homes are elegantly appointed and it is a very attractive community, so residents of Ichabod’s Landing are very happy to have Hudson Harbor as a neighbor.

The homes at Hudson Harbor are priced significantly higher than homes at Ichabod’s Landing, so anyone considering a purchase at either community has to decide if they want the larger homes at Hudson Harbor, or the views at Ichabod’s Landing at a much more reasonable price.  Either way, both communities are an asset to the Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown waterfront, which has started transforming into a great destination along the river.

Metro-North makes commuting easy

With the price of gas so high, almost every housing commentator has been opining that proximity to public transportation and short commuting times are more important to home purchasers and renters than ever before.  For residents of Ichabod’s Landing, the Tarrytown Metro-North station is just a five minute walk from home.  Best of all, the travel time on the train to Grand Central averages around 35-40 minutes – an amazingly short commute (shorter than for many people who actually live in the city.)  A monthly commutation pass is currently $266, less than people are spending on gas if they are driving to work every day.  When you live near the train, you save time and money!

Westchester rentals are strong – New York Times

The New York Times reported recently on the gathering strength of the Westchester rental market.  We have seen it at Ichabod’s Landing - all of our homes are rented, and clearly rents are headed up.  We continue to get frequent calls from people interested in renting, even though our web site shows no availability.  Clearly, the pendulum has swung in favor of renting – which also may signal that purchasing may very soon be a more favorable economic option than renting.  Analysts have been expecting this for quite a while – time well tell.  See the article below from the Times, and draw your own conclusions.

Summer Events on the Hudson

The Hudson comes alive in summer – and there is plenty to do on and off the river!  This Sunday, June 5th, from 10 – 5, is the 24th annual Tarrytown Village Fair.   Enjoy great food and check out all the local merchants and their booths! 

Then the weekend of June 18-19 is the Clearwater festival in Croton-on-Hudson, less than 15 minutes from Ichabod’s Landing.  Featuring singers such as Pete Seeger (still going strong), Indigo Girls, Arlo Guthrie, Jorma Kaukonen, Peter Yarrow, John Sebastian and many others, the Clearwater Festival was inspired by Pete Seeger’s ongoing mission to clean up the Hudson River – and is now a celebration of the success and ongoing work to keep the Hudson clean and accessible to the public.  It’s a great celebration at Croton Point Park, and just an awesome setting to hang out by the river, listen to great music and enjoy great food from local restaurants.  For further information, click here:

Another great activity along the Hudson is to visit Lyndhurst castle in Tarrytown.  It’s a National Trust Historic Site.  Located on a 67 acre estate overlooking the Hudson, it was designed by renowned architect Alexander Jackson Davis and is considered by many to be the finest Gothic Revival mansion in America.  There are also gorgeous grounds including the Rose Garden and other gardens.  Learn more about this interesting estate by visiting

There are of course dozens of events and destinations along the Hudson – all it takes is a quick search and you will find more summer entertainment here is Westchester!

Westchester rental market 5th tightest in nation

While the for sale market continues to struggle in Westchester, the Westchester rental market gets tighter and tighter, with just a 3.5% vacancy rate.  As this article in The New York Times points out,, the rental market is so strong in Westchester that more and more owners of single family homes and condos are turning to renting their places rather than selling them.  In fact, if that trend had not been occurring, the vacancy rate would be even lower and there would be a real housing crunch right now. 

At Ichabod’s Landing, we have seen tremendous demand for rentals, even though these are relatively high-end rentals.  At lower price points the competition is even more fierce.  It will be interesting to watch if the market continues to tighten, forcing rents up, and if the for sale market stays soft.  At some point, the value proposition to buy instead of rent becomes compelling – but clearly the market is not quite there yet.

The Amazing Hudson River

The Hudson River is not only one of the most historic rivers in America, it also offers some of the most spectacular views from its shores.  We hate to admit it, but Ichabod’s Landing was hardly the first place to be built along the Hudson with the idea that people would love being able to see the Hudson from their home. 

As the attached article points out, some of the most influential people in American history had estates with Hudson River views, including Franklin Roosevelt, the Vanderbilts, and the Rockefellers.  In addition, the Hudson inspired the artists who comprised what came to be known as The Hudson River School of Painting in the 19th century, and some of their works are among the finest and most famous American works.

Check out the attached article for some fascinating insights to some of America’s most famous estates, located along the Hudson River, and information on tours of these historic mansions.

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Rentals now available!

We have two rental townhomes available now – they are listed under “Prices”.  One of them has a very good Hudson view, and the other has an outstanding Hudson view!  As everyone is starting to learn, the rental market is very hot (the for sale market not so much), so this is a great time to call or e-mail for more info on these homes.  Call Douglas Smolev at (914) 772-7672 or e-mail him at  Don’t miss out!

New Hudson waterfront proposal in Sleepy Hollow

Next door to Ichabod’s Landing lies the former General Motors plant, which is once again the subject of a redevelopment plan called Lighthouse Landing.  The site is quite large and will include up to 1177 new homes, plus retail space, office space and a hotel.  In addition, 45 acres will be preserved as parkland.  This is the next vital piece of the Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown waterfront redevelopment plan.  Ichabod’s Landing was the first piece of the puzzle, starting in 2005.  Next came Hudson Harbor.  Now Lighthouse Landing will add critical mass to the Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown waterfront, helping to create a contiguous residential area, where residents can walk to shopping and the train to Manhattan, in addition to enjoying the spectacular Hudson views.

It will certainly take a few years for the approval process to take place, but it is just a matter of time to become a reality.  For more information about the Lighthouse Landing proposal, check out this article: